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Crying Eyes


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Ger Ger's Poem Page #3

I would die for you
Believe me
I would kill for you
Believe me
I would do anything for you
If only you would...
Believe me

She's crying
Hands are shaking
As she picks up the knife
Brings it to her skin
Drags it along
Going deeper and deeper
Blood gushes out
She wishes she were dead
But she doesn't have to worry
It won't be long now

I want to fly
Only to fall
I want to swim
Only to drown
I want to drive
Only to crash
I want to walk
Only to get shot
I want to cut
Only to go too far
I want to live
Only to die

She feels the cool of the metal against her skin
Moving the blade across her arm
Pressing ever so lightly
A thin red line of blood appears
Her pain and anger escapes
She does this over and over
Until she feels numb and at peace
Her scars from the past tell a story of the life she led
And of the life as is right now
The only way she feels can release her fears
She picks up the blade and begins again

Looking out at the world below
Time of death they'll never know
I'm a burden to this world
I bird I must become
Fly fly fly
Goodbye goodbye goodbye