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Crying Eyes


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Ger Ger's Poem Page #6

tears falling heavily
from her dark eyes
down her bony cheeks
crying for what she knows is wrong
crying because she can't stop
the world starts to spin
she calls out for help
except no one can hear her
her voice barely above a whisper
she is struggling to breathe
choking on every word
as the world turns black
and she falls still

I've hurt
And cause pain
To ones who are dear
I don't deserve to live
They don't need me
Someone come
And take me away
Make them happy
To see that I am gone
Make them cheer
To see me taken away
Won't someone please
Grant their wish today...


Where are you
When I need you
Where are you
When I cry
Were you not there
When I said I wanted to die
Did you cry
When I actually tried
Of course not
But why should you
You're never there
When I need you...

I wish there was someone here I could talk to
I thought I had a friend
But lately we've been drifting apart
I miss her and she doesn't seem to care
No one understands me
I want to go to sleep and never wake up
It's never sounded so heavenly until now
Why am I here
What am I doing
I wish people could see me for me
For who I want to be

why do people do this
why do they constantly try and hurt me
they don't understand
how it makes me feel
they don't care
and why should they really
I don't understand
what's really going on
why won't this pain
ever go away
it hurts so much
I start to cry
and never seem to stop..