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Crying Eyes


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Ger Ger's Poem Page #1

I'm struggling to breathe
The air is getting thin
The walls around me
Coming closer and closer
This little box
I've concealed myself in
Is clear all around
People looking in
Pointing and staring
Laughing at my poor
Defenseless soul
Making me feel so tiny
I'm put on display
For all to see
Me in this tiny box
Me in my life

I think about you all the time
But we can never be together
You've broken my heart more than once
And I know you can do it again
I can't hold on to someone's heart
I'm afraid I'll lose them
I remember how we used to be
You were always there when I needed you
You always supported me
You never left my side
But then came those harsh words
That we could no longer be together
The love we shared now lost
You don't know how much it hurts me
To know that I can never love again

Time will heal all wounds
Or so they say
Will it heal the heart
That has been broken so many times
By the people she thought really cared
But she was wrong, oh so wrong
Will it take away the scars
She placed upon herself
Can time restore her sight
So she can live normally
No, that will never happen
Time can't heal me
Only death can and certainly will
Heal all wounds

Where did she learn the meaning from
Her parents maybe
Or was it her so called friends
Her cutting and starving
Is torture for them, they say
But those things put her at ease
Then what is torture for her
The screaming, the fighting
Maybe that's it
Or is it the comments people make
That send her screaming, crying
Will she be able to forget all this
She must eliminate everything
Anything she once loved
She must hide herself
Never showing the way
This torture makes her feel
But this is how it's got to be
She must be alone

Sometimes I stare at the sky and wonder
Are you out there looking over me
You ended your life because of my one mistake
I wish we could have talked about it
You said that you trusted me
But I went and disobeyed you
After you left I got your letter
Those hateful words you said to me
Are etched in my head to this day
I feel the pain and guilt of that horrible day
I wish I could join you to explain my fault
I wish you were here with me my friend
Instead of up there where you do not belong