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Crying Eyes


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Ger Ger's Poem Page #2

Do you see the tears
Streaming down my face
Can you look into my eyes
And see the sorrow I feel
Can you look at the scars
And see my past
Can you look into my heart
And see it breaking
When you look at me
What do you see
The person I wish to be
Or do you see me

The day I was born
You're the first person I saw
Your face was bright
Full of smiles
But those smiles are gone now
Only anger remains
Sometimes I wish you weren't my mother
Because I know you really don't care
You're never there when I need you
I know you've seen me cry
I know you've heard me scream
But because you're never there
You never got to hear me say
Help me...I need you

There is a girl
Crying softly in the dark
Beneath the covers of her bed
Where she feels somewhat safe
Where it seems as if nothing can hurt her
She wishes she were gone
To not have to hear the yelling and screaming
Things crashing to the ground
Breaking into a million pieces
Just like the breaking of her heart
The agony she feels
An undescribable pain
Flowing through her veins like blood
She wished she were little again
When things were happy and joyful
Instead she's here now
Where things are dark and gloomy
The cloud hanging over her head
Never seeming to go away
It will stay until the day she dies
Doors are slamming
All is quiet except for her gentle sobs
She wished she were somewhere else
Anywhere but here....

Don't say you love me
When you don't mean it
Don't say it's love
When it's only pain
Don't say you care
When you make me cry
Don't look at me
Only to make fun
Don't talk to me
Only to put me down

No one's here to see me cry
No one's here to hear me scream
No one's here to watch me suffer
No one's here
No one at all