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Crying Eyes


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Ger Ger's Poem Page #4

The clouds are lifting
The shadows disappearing
The sun is beginning to shine
The day growing clearer
My spirits are lifting
A smile beginning to show
My face brightens
To know that people
Really do care
to them I owe my life
If it were not for the people I love
I believe I would not have made it
Although there were days
When things were often tough
Thinking of you made it seem so much better
So to you my friends
I give you the one thing I can give
My life....because without you I would not be here

As I sit here wondering
Why god has made my life hell
Why must he torture me like this
Sometimes I wish I were invisible
I wonder what life would be like
If I was not around
I don't think that anyone would care
They would have their lives back
They would be happy
No more fighting
No more screaming
My friends?
What friends?
I lost them a long time ago
No one cares anymore
No one really understands
No one sees what's going on
No one really knows
I guess there is no life
Out there for me to live
I guess I'll see everyone

Someone please hurry
I think I am going insane
I see a girl lying on the street
Her breath is ragged
Her pulse is weak
I think she may be dying
I hear her faint whisper
As if she is trying to pray
Her body resembles a skeleton
Her bones visible even in the dark
She was going for a walk
But she knew she'd never make it
Falling limp to the ground
Oh why won't someone help her
I wonder who she could be
Wait she looks familiar
Oh no...that girl is me

I don't know why I feel this way
My life feels like it's spinning out of control
I'm digging myself deeper into this black hole
I feel empty and dark
My heart aches
I've hurt so many people with my words
I want to bury myself under the covers of my bed
And cry until my eyes are dry and burning
Life seems so worthless
When there is no one in the world
Who loves you or cares what you do
There are times when
I wish I were the only person living
Or I was gone and the world went on without me

Her smile so bright
It lights up the room
Her eyes so big
Bright and curious
Her laugh so contagious
You just have to smile
Her heart so large
She has love to share
For everyone and everything
But that's all you see
No one's ever there
When she is alone
She cuts herself
To feel pain
She starves herself
To feel thin
She cries at night
To feel guilt
But no one ever sees this
They only see
That perfect girl
That girl she was taught to be